Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wine & Design

What do wine and design have in common? Well, put them together with all the essentials to create a work of art from a cigar box and chosen objects and you have the makings of a fun, social evening of creating and sharing with other friends and artists! The first of such evenings will be held on Wednesday, April 11th, and Thursday, April 12th. Here's more information....

Wine & Design

April 11th or April 12th

Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

Cost: Members of McIntosh Art Assoc. $45, Non-members $50
Each class limited to 6 participants
Location: The Art Cottage, 111 First Street W, Darien, GA

Instructors: Carly Hardy and Minet Glenn

Wine & Design is a unique opportunity for you to create Your own “assemblage” art. Each participant will Receive a cigar box and choosing from materials provided, create A 3-D work of art.

Participants can also bring any items of their own that they might Like to incorporate into the “assemblage”. Items might consist of photographs, old jewelry, memorabilia, or collected items From the seashore!

Carly and Minet will guide you thru the process of design and assemblage and provide two glasses of wine and light hor d’oeuvres for each participant to enjoy while socializing and creating!

I hope you will join us for a fun evening! Contact me if you have any questions!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Catching UP!

The past months have been hectic with so much activity! Private lessons and group classes, plein air painting with a monthly group, a spring paintout in North Georgia, a group show for my Thursday class, paintings for outside shows! and the list goes on! The Art Cottage has blossomed into an energetic art center that I only imagined at the beginning of 2011! ....and it's branched out with new ideas!

A dream of designing artsy handbags with repurposed clothing was the beginning of "low-country gypsy bags". Designing and hand assembling these keep me busy the hours I'm not painting or teaching or 'playing the local cornhole game'! Don't laugh! I've participated in two tournaments as of this past Sunday....and my team mate (Minet) and I actually didn't do so bad this past week! If you'd like to see us play, drop by Skippers on the first Sunday of the month about 2pm!

Here's what's on my easel at the moment to show you that with all this activity, I am still painting :)!

and if you'd like to see my Low Country Gypsy Bags, you will find them on in The Art Cottage (if that doesn't work you can still find it in the search for key words "gypsy bag".
....and now off on a new adventure! Till next time....