Saturday, June 23, 2012

Never Say Never!

I know what you were thinking! She would "never" get that house painted! But....tadaaaa! Here is Tillandsia with her 'mountain smoke' cloke nestled in the live oaks with Spanish moss canopied over the rooftop! In case you can't tell, she is smiling now.

The kitchen has a new look too. I moved, or shall we say two guys and I moved, the renovated bar which was installed by the previous owner, into the corner of the room. This made space for the refrigerator by the door. Never say a woman can't find a way to move a mountain!

And last but not least, observe the open shelves in the corner above the now usable bar and cabinets! There is more planned but one small step for Tillandsia is a giant undertaking for her owner. Did I say owner...let me tell you, this place is the real owner. But don't let her know I admitted that!

What's happening in the studio, you asked. There is styrofoam boards lying about with ocean waves and sea critters taking form upon them. Yep, I crumbled beneath the weight of requests to help out with vacation bible school this year! And it's so much fun!!

So for now, keep your paint brushes wet, a summer hat on your head and enjoy painting outdoors!

ps. here's one of my recent summer florals to get your imagination flowing