Thursday, December 30, 2010

One Down and Many To Go!

The nicest thing about having a back door to an alley is being able to sit the big trash cans next to the door and toss the garbage directly thru the doorway! Much of my first week at the "art cottage" was spent throwing things thru that door! and who would believe that bleach could eat big holes in rubber gloves!! But after five days of cleaning, sweeping, pulling down six feet long commercial flourescent lights from the ceiling, and three coats of paint on the walls and ceiling, I have ONE!! room ready for occupancy. LOL

Here's the room before I created a whirlwind of cleaning and painting....

and here's the room which I've dubbed the "living room" just because it's ready to live in...after white paint and curtains have been hung.

The furniture in the middle of the room will be in a bedroom one of these days and the blue/green outdoor chairs will reside on the screened porch where I'll have morning coffee (big grin)...

....that is, as soon as I have electricity!

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  1. I shall be following your progress.....what fun. I envy that front porch...