Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keeping Pace

Notice my new background? Well the ladder has been moved to the last part of the building that needs painting...the back hallway and hopefully, future studios for other artist friends! Those rooms still have boxes yet to be opened - but I've decided that unless they say "art" or "art books" on the outside that they, most likely, will go unopened for a few more months! If I haven't needed it by now, I may never need it!

Here's another remake of one of the smaller bedrooms. I call it the "Poppy" room. Not because it's filled with poppies, but because of the poppy red color used for accent against the stark white of the walls...and because I like the sound of the word. Makes me think of bright cheerful morning flowers and this is a bright cheerful morning room where the sun shines in from the east.

Before....except for the awful smelly carpet that was on the floor. I think my back will never be the same after pulling up carpet that was glued to tile that was stuck to the concrete floor! But the check pattern left by the tile in black really worked out well with the new decor! I think!

and the after....

Hope my "Poppy" room brings a smile to your face today!


p.s. The plumber stopped in today and now the kitchen has hot and "cold" running water!! but it needs a new drain to the sewer! LOL

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