Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seasons United

How would you like to spend your year with just two seasons!! Well here's a story about a dyptych painting that spent five years separated from one another. Seasons was painted on two 3 x 4 foot canvases to create an 8 foot painting horizontally for the Tannery Row Artist Colony in Buford, GA, "BIG" show. After the show a lovely lady took both pieces home to see if they would fit into her dining room, but later in the day, she returned with one of the paintings almost in tears that the entire dyptych would not fit into any space in her home. So half of Seasons went to live with her and hung alone for five years. In the meantime, I was asked to sell the other half of Seasons but I couldn't bring myself to part with it. Each time I told the perspective buyer that someone else owned the other half of the dyptych, and that someday, she might want to add my Spring/Summer to her Fall/Winter scene. Spring forward five years and I've moved to The Art Cottage! The owner of Fall/Winter decides to redecorate her dining room and realizes that she now has a place to hang all of Seasons! In trying to contact me, she runs across my blog, The Art Cottage, and lo and behold, there is Spring/Summer hanging in the living room of my new home.
To make a long story's a pic of Fall/Winter all alone on the dining room wall! So sad....
And here are Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter reunited to create "Seasons"!
....and another view to show how long the wall really is....
I'm so happy that I didn't sell Spring/Summer to another buyer! It is hanging exactly where it belongs now. Happy Ending!! But, just in case you're wondering if there is a big empty spot on my living room wall.....
"Metamorphosis" has found a new home too! Keep paintin' til next time, carly

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