Friday, March 25, 2011

Day to Day

For the past two months I've taken things day to day. Today, it seems like I'm taking more giant steps forward. Not sure what the difference is...maybe I've just toughened up some and get more accomplished each! At least I'm not in bed by 7 pm anymore!

One of the first rooms I worked to get in order was the kitchen. That doesn't mean that I've become a great cook or anything...don't get your hopes up when you visit! But I do know where to get the best ever crab stew!!

Here's some before and after pics of the kitchen. One tip! I used a countertop paint around the sink. It's expensive...a small can for about $20 but well worth the cost. Made the old fake wood counter look like pewter! And so far it's showing no signs of wear! I have a couple more projects to use it on too. Make sure you have good does smell until it's completely dry. And don't sit things on it for several days! It will look sort of shiny even when it dries.

The counter top and the sink area...before...

...and after...

Here's a couple of before pics....the old flooring has all been removed, and some day when it's more of a priority, I'll put down a plywood floor and paint it black. I've gotten so used to all the black floors that I've grown to love them! The cabinets were an awful maroon color and had to have Kilz painted all over everything! Kilz is the "new white"!

And now it looks more like this!! The table and the coffee server table were both spray painted! I used a primer and then white on both...Krylon (my fav!)

...and here's the view from the back porch door!


  1. Hey, girlfriend, it is looking good! Can't wait to see it .... and you also!

  2. Amazing transformation, Carly. What a lot of work.