Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where Fireflies Gather

I've always wanted to design rooms around paintings....instead of buying the painting to match the room like so many folks do...and I'm not naming names here!

Where Fireflies Gather is one of my favorite abstract landscapes and I thought it would be perfect for one of the twin bedrooms. First, here's the pepto pink room as it was in the beginning!

But after a "white makeover" to the walls and ceiling and a "black makeover" to the old linoleum floor, it looked rather spiffy!

And now for the fun part! An old post cut in half makes a perfect "headboard" look. The twin bed is up on risers to add some height. Don't you love crawling up to get on a bed...makes you feel like a kid again! The windows have bamboo shades for a natural feel and white sheers to let in a lot of light. Notice the greenery...just pick whatever is growing outside and pop in a glass jar. This is a palmetto and ivy arrangement. But of course the center of attraction is the painting on the wall!

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  1. Your little art cottage is really taking shape. Are you just about done? Where is the gallery and classes?