Friday, May 27, 2011

Biking Fun

Beautiful weather! A recent overnight trip to Fernandina Beach for an early morning bike ride! and time to get some great reference pics along the way. The ride took us thru Fort Clinch on the northern end of Amelia Island, with live oaks shading the pathway and sand dunes peaking thru the trees on the ocean side. Here's a pic of the riders in front of me! I'm always surprised at the photos I capture with one hand on the bike and one on the camera just clicking away....!!

...after the ride with the group, Deb and I biked thru the "greenway" leading back to her home. It's a beautiful natural landscape with marsh grass, canals, wildflowers, and native critters. Thought you'd enjoy seeing some of the beauty we spied that day!

Don't you love that rich orange color!

Everyone knows you can never have enough references for "pond scum"! As I was taking some pics of the scum along the canals, Deb sure to get a pic of the sign behind you!

Right after taking the scum pic, I spotted a gator watching me with nothing but his eyes showing above the scum!

If you're in the lowcountry any time soon, join me for a bike ride! Never know what you might run into along the way!

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