Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunset Bike Riding

Every day near sunset, I jump on my bike and zip around town catching fleeting glimpses of the setting sun thru the trees and out over the marsh. Along the way I've gotten to know several neighbors who walk their dogs at sunset and met a number of others who enjoy the boardwalk along the river. Yesterday I decided to ride across the bridge on Hwy 17 that crosses the river in town. The view was fantastic with the sun, bright red, glancing off the water...but alas, I'd forgotten my camera! So the pics you see here are from my rush back to the cottage, grab the camera, and try to make it back to the top of the bridge to get some last minute shots of the sunset. The bright glimmers had disappeared but the sun still gave its usual display of color that no camera can actually capture. You just have to be there....

In the last pic, the sun looks more yellow, but from the eye, it hung bright orange red over the treetops before disappearing behind a purple bank of clouds!

On the way back to the cottage, I stopped at a neighbor's to get some shots of the oak hydrangea that grows "wild" along the house and sidewalk.
and here's my last stop for the evening - Doodlebugs Flower Shoppe! The owner has ok'd my painting her building!

Even if you don't bike, get out and catch a glimpse of the setting sun today! a kid again! Till next time...from the art cottage!


  1. LOVE riding my bike around town, it keeps you close to humanity!

  2. What a great way to enjoy the sunset!

  3. Love the building and it looks as if you are enjoying your new place. No sun here!

  4. I have enjoyed viewing your photographs!