Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Outdoor Painter!

I really didn't think that my outdoor painting talents would be put to the test on an entire house, but one nevers knows what the future holds in store, now do they? This morning I decided to chance the rain and add a bit more paint to Tillandsia's exterior. The fun part was having neighbors driving by, honking, and giving me a thumbs up on the new! Too bad no one felt the urge to stop by and join in with the project. I suppose I'm not much of a Tom Sawyer or was it Huck Finn who painted the fence?!!

Here's a view of the newly painted west side of the house (at least as far up as I could reach without a ladder)!

and here' a close up of my rock garden below the bird feeders.

Now all of you are probably thinking...where would she find rocks like that in the low country??!!! Actually they are not from this area but were brought by ships from foreign countries as ballast rocks. The ships would come loaded with rocks and unload them along the coastal area before sailing upriver to load the timber from the mills. There are actually small islands along the coast created by the ballast rocks and its illegal to take them away from the islands today. These particular rocks were unloaded near Ft. King George which is a mile east of my home. I met the lady whose mother owned this cottage years ago and she told me how, as a little girl, she remembered going out to the Fort and collecting rocks for their gardens around the house.  Some are quite large and heavy!

I feel fortunate to have a part of the history of our country as well as Darien,  in my yard!

In the Bible, you will find that individuals or groups would place stones at a specfic place for a lesson of their history to the generations to come. This has always had great meaning for me and many times I've collected stones to place at certain places for a remembrance. The ballast stones were an indication to me that this place was set aside for that purpose.

I've also learned more history of the house itself! The actual building dates back to the 1790's after reconstruction and at one time, there was an outside kitchen! If only the walls could talk!!

Til next update,

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  1. Looking good, Carly and thanks for the bit of history.