Saturday, May 5, 2012



It means "air breathing" and I was told that it sounds feminine. Spanish moss, which hangs in abundance from the live oak trees surrounding my new cottage, is tillandsia usneoides. The cottage already has a breath of fresh air with all the new paint, inside and out! So dubbed "Tillandsia" unless she decides another name is more fitting, the cottage has quickly become a welcoming home!

Many have asked for pics of the interior, so here's a few of the first snapshots I took and a fresh look, one month after closing! When I'm outside painting, neighbors will drive by, stop and tell me how much they love the new color. I heard the house was actually white before it was painted the turquoise, but I just couldn't it as a white house. The taupe gray (actually mountain smoke) was an easy choice. It lightens to the color of the Spanish moss in the sunlight....and deepens to the darker bark of the live oaks in the shade.

Here's a before of the exterior front...
and here's the front of the cottage with its new paint!
The interior has undergone quite a transformation this past month and is still a work in progress! Here's some before and after pics.
Living Room or Front Room (was called this by past owners so I'm told)and the way I first viewed it.

My bedroom is at the front of the house. Here's before and after. You can't see the fireplace in this's on the wall opposite the bed.

...and what's a cottage without a guest room...actually twin beds for two guests! The long skinny shape of the guest room was perfect for facing the twin beds toward one another.

From the first time I saw this room, it was called the "hidden bedroom". You really have to look to find the door into the room!

And I'm sure, since all of you know how much I love to cook (LOL), you'll want a peek at the kitchen (wall color is custom "clay pot")
! and the gathering room that opens into the kitchen.

Enough images for one blog post!! You'll have to drop in to see all the other changes. Tillandsia is only three blocks from the Art Cottage! Drop by for lunch sometime...or an afternoon "libation"...till next time....carly


  1. I love 'my' room!......and your cottage suits you! Can't wait to see it!

  2. Love this, Carly, but what about the old hospital?
    Cecilia Harris

  3. You have done a wonderful job renovating this house, Carly.....